Friday , April 16 2021

Controversy grows in the face of a young woman who rammed the TP11 subway and announced it on Twitter

In the last hours the record is viralized on Twitter, showing how the subject faces a young woman who was riding a subway car, with a message against TA11.

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"You will become famous … deliver your releases", He begins with a statement on who is enrolling a woman who supposedly just made scratches.

"Today I faced this girl for a blow to the new line of the subway 3. A legitimate meeting that is against the TE11, but not because it is proper to vandalize the public well-funded taxes of all Chileans and can not be compared to advertising" wrote user Jaime Esteban.

"All I want is to scratch it, so it stays here and people hear"You hear him tell the accused young woman.

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As the video is viral, there were those who defended the actions of this man, while others criticized him when exposing him, indicating that he could be a minor.

Next, review some of the comments:

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