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Connor McGregor breaks the silence after an incident with an elder in a bar

Connor McGregor dropped his voice after a moving incident starring him in a bar after crashing into an old man who refused to invite alcohol from a former UC champion.

McGregor, a former divisional two-time champion at UC, spoke with ESPN's Ariel Helvani and assumed responsibility for his totally convicted offenses and where Irish police are still investigating the bar incident.

"It doesn't matter what happened there. I didn't make a mistake, ”McGregor said when addressing the situation for the first time at ESPN. "That guy deserved to enjoy his time at the bar without finishing it properly. Even though it happened five months ago and I tried to make changes, I know I'm not right. I take responsibility and everything I need to do. "

Connor McGregor after taking the blame also noted that he did not behave as the person he wanted to be and that it was also not how he wanted to appear in front of a sympathetic and supportive audience throughout his career.

“I also apologize to my mother, my father, my family. I owe it to the people who trained me in martial arts. That's not who I am, ”McGregor said. "This is not the reason I went into martial arts or studied martial arts," he added.

Regarding the investigations that authorities are making in Ireland and where Mac Gregor may face some punishment for his actions, the Irishman said he was aware and willing to pay for his actions.

"I have to wait and see what happens. Whatever happens to me, I'll face it. Whatever happens to me, I deserve it. I'll face this head on. I won't hide from that. I was wrong, it was completely unacceptable behavior for the man in my position. Whatever happens, I'll face it, "he explained.

Due to various incidents involving McGregor, the Irish fighter has faced a mountain of criticism from his combat partners as well as his boss, UC President Dana White, who have spoken about his behavior in recent months.

"I deserve to be criticized for such behavior. It is simply unacceptable, "McGregor said, adding that" there is no justification for it. I deserve everything that comes my way. "

Finally and about his future in the MMA, Connor McGregor said he was eager to compete and added that "I have to finish my head and get back into the game and fight for ransom, revenge and respect. The things that made me human are what I am going to do. "

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