Wednesday , May 12 2021

Concepción had massive support and ascended

About 20,000 people arrived at Esther Roy Stadium and witnessed the 3-1 victory at Leon de Colao against Ferroarios.

The city of Concepción celebrates. Social Club and Sport Concepcion, the most popular team in the city, has achieved the promotion Tret A.

Yorgovan were imposed with 3-1 to Ferrovarios (4-3 on a global scale) with great support in the tribunals. About 20,000 people arrived at the Ester Roa Stadium.

Goal goals were scored by Mat Lagos (63 '), Ignacio Hermosila (73') and Daniel Benavente (85 ') with a penalty. The transition door was the work of Oliver Yorker, also 12 steps.

Concepcion will have the opportunity to return to professionalism from next season.

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