Saturday , July 31 2021

Conaf van set fire to foreigners in La Araucanía – National

The Conaf driver was lit by strangers in La Araucanía

The entities also stole the properties of the brigadiers who were transported in the vehicle. The event was recorded in the Collico sector of the municipality of Ercilla. Tvn


A van on a boat that workers on National Forest Corporation (Conaf), was deliberately burned out this afternoon by strangers. The fact happened in the sector Collico de Ercilla, before the property owned by the entrepreneur Hernán Baier

The ten brigadiers who were transported in the vehicle saved unharmed. The episode occurs while the municipality of the municipality takes Mapuche comuneros.

As stated by Temuco TV, the subjects would have stolen items of fire fighters who were transported.

The staff of the Fire Department worked at the emergency control point.

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