Saturday , May 8 2021

"Colo Colo will win, because he defends a very large shield"

The Champion with Cacique assured that the Popular will not go to the machine before U. on Konce.

In Sunday, Colo Colo will receive U. de Conce at the monumental stadium. The team of Francisco Boazan should win and hope that UC will fall before the Temuco sport to force the definition of the title and much speculation about the role of Kasike. This is because, in addition, the popular one depends on whether U goes to the group phase of Libertadores or in the previous stage.

But for Christian Muñoz, a connoisseur of Alba's shirt and today a goalkeeper at Campanile, this is not an issue. "Colo Colo is so big that every party that disputes does it with the utmost professionalism", Condemned the double champion with the popular.

Also, the Tiger emphasized this "Colo Colo players defend a very large shield and they are sure to come up with everything to win the game."

"We need to think only of Colo Colo. If we do not do our job, it is impossible to think of another party (to define the title). We can not put our ear in the other side. If we win, we have another chance. If we can not win, it does not help us to think about another playing field, "he added.

Of course, Muñoz he said that "We will face the best Colo Colo, the one who will play completely, and we must be better than them, without wanting to win." (Group) managed to face these situations, always with the mentality to win the three points. "

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