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Colo Colo has reached an agreement with Huachipato to sign Javier Paraguay

Javier Paraguay, A 29-year-old striker who had a remarkable 2018 season in Huachipato, and is in the process of becoming in the new player of Colo Colo, then the Directive of Black and White will reach an agreement with the plant's club Acquiring 50% of buffalo transfer.

In the first instance, Black and White offered 500 thousand dollars for half of the player's letter formed in Santiago Morning, however, in Tulkhauano that figure was considered insufficient. Given this, McCull increased their goal and finally reached a buy-in agreement on a four-year contract, which was accepted by Huachapato.

During his pre-season work, the new technical director of Colo Colo, Mario Salas, blamed the lack of alternatives in the offensive and therefore demanded hiring a center ahead. Sports Manager, Marcelo Espina, has demanded national alternatives in this context They decided on Paraguay.

In the absence of the final details of the negotiations between the two clubs, the signing of the 29-year-old striker will be confirmed by Colo Colo in the next few hours and thus will become the third official reinforcement de los albos for the 2019 season, after the arrival of Uruguayan-Peruvian cricket Gabriel Costa (Sporting Cristal) and Chilean left back Ronald de la Fuente (University of Concepción).

On 2018 season with Huachipato was Paraguay's most prominent career since scored 15 goals in 28 games. Colo Colo will be the ninth shirt Buffalo will wear in his career after his steps from Deportes Linares (2009 and 2013-2014), Melipila (2010), Everton (2011), Magalanes (2012), Provincial Talent (2013), Puerto Montt (2014-2015), Huachipato (2015-2016 and 2017-2018) and Santiago Wanderers (2017).

Now, after confirming the new center-forward, Colo Colo is trying to sign one end to close the list, who will be a stranger after the announcement of the required quota with the dismissal of Damian Perez, who left the club for "personal problems".

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