Saturday , May 15 2021

Colo Colo Femenino fell into Santos in the Copa Libertadores semi-final

Those led by Carlos Velias lost 3-0 in the result that did not respect how much the charge was closed, especially in the first half.

Colo Colo Fenimino was left out of the pitch for Libertadores after losing 3-0 to Santos of Brazil in the semifinals, disputed in Manaus.

The result does not reflect what happened on the pitch. Those targeted by Carlos Véliz surprised in a great way to feel a team of physical and She created options for purposes, but could not specify.

Thus, in the burst defined local residents. In 66 & # 68; & # 39; Chu put the lead in 2-0. Near the end, Barbara Munoz was expelled and Sandrina made the last 3-0.

It does not end here for dawn, yes. He will have to play third place with Irananda from Amazon on Sunday at 7:00. Face it, girls!

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