Sunday , May 16 2021

Claus Rehn will renew his helmet for Episode 9 of the Star Wars

The main antagonist of Episode 9 of the Star Wars it will be Ben Solo, the former Jedi Padawan, who changed the parties after the confrontation with his uncle Luke Skywalker, and who, misled by the Dark Side of the Forces, on the orders of Supreme Leader Snooke, began to be called Kilo Rehn.

After the events of Star Wars: The Last Jeep, the villain who killed his father accepted his family's corrupt inheritance, succeeding in doing what Darth Vader could not: kill his master and take control of his forces, in this case the First Order, to rule and shapes the galaxy

Now a new report, rescued by Star Wars, shows that Kylo Rehn will recapture his old mask that he destroyed in pieces after being confronted with Snowk in episode 8.

"Sources said they saw Cain Rehn with the reformed mask at different stages of his wardrobe, which means we still can not say how often he used the helmet. It proved to them that this was reconstructed using some sort of crystalline red material, which gives the mask a "very corrupt appearance." Little Kilo, a little Vader and maybe even a bit of the style of Mal's face, "explains the report.

There are no official official figures for the film yet, except that it will be the latest episodes of the Scowwalker saga, so that we can assume that the new Supreme Leader will have his last meeting against the King, the latest Jedi.

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