Tuesday , July 27 2021

Claudio Farina received criticism of the controversial sentence in Pasapalabra, but everything was confusing TV and shows

On Friday night, there was another chapter from the successful Chilean program Pasapalabra, on its new day of broadcasting, taking its place on Close.

On this occasion, celebrities accompanying the participants were Eva Gomez and Jordan, who were part of the team of Nicolas Gavilan. While Claudio Farinia and Katia Huberman joined Dagoberto Vergara.

In this scenario, journalist Claudio Farina was one of those who attracted the attention of viewers, while Eva took part in the "Track" section, where she had to hit the concept: that in this case she returned.

Both were complicated by the songs, so they ended up playing for only a second before which the communicator asked the audience if they knew the answer, to which they replied "yes".

After this, the journalist noted as a joke: "Lie, you know," and then they hear "all are imbeciles then," although the speed of what happened is difficult to understand who was the person who started this phrase, however, a lot viewers attributed to Farina, and they expressed their hatred in the networks.

However, the pictures do not accept that it is him, since after being convinced that the public is lying, no more words can be seen.

Prior to this in networks, some followers of the program, led by Julian Elfenbein, assured that the protagonist of the phrase was the singer of tropical music Jordan, but nevertheless was Claudius who earned hundreds of comments on shame on Twitter.

Here are some reactions that left this confusion:

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