Tuesday , May 11 2021

Claudio Borghi destroyed Colo Colo: "He is extremely ill … announced death"

Claudio Borgo, who was a technician of Colo Colo between 2006 and 2008 and a multi-champion with alos, he said in difficult moments and football and the institutional setup of Kasice, which will close the year very far from the title fight.

"It's very complicated, Colo Colo is extremely ill when they tell you that you will have six more months of life, and then they will tell you that there are four or three of them, and doctors are beginning to think about your health., pointed to DirecTV.

"Colo Colo today does not have a sports project that is maintained over time. We still do not know who comes as a coach, what a pleasure he has and we are still thinking about which club goes or will stay. And that in a big club should not happen, "he added.

The former coach of the Chilean national team defended the work of Enton Tapia. "Tito had to qualify for the international cup, knowing he would not continue, with statements by players who said they had to stay, with contracts that are not renewed or unverified. It creates something very difficult to deal with the environment. Even the message of players who bid farewell to their coach is difficult, "he said.

"(Julio) Barroso and (Agustín) Orion should go according to the leadership. Lucas Barrios can go as well. And who will come? The incoming trainer must know that he will have to do something important with many economic constraints. And it's very complicated, "he concluded.

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