Saturday , July 31 2021

Christian Serpa, a former participant in the reality show "Fama", died from a brain tumor

This December 27th, he died Christian Cerpa, participant of the reality show "Kanal 13" "Fama" released in 2007.

In line with what was pointed out by Fotech, a dancer He was diagnosed with a brain tumor to which he was later operated. However, despite his struggle, he reappeared and died in the city of La Serena a few days ago, at 39 years old.

Cerpa became famous in the talent area in 2007, where she stood out as a dancer among the 20 participants for the best dancer and winning a millionaire award.

Tancher was born in Antofagasta and was eliminated in the first instance on television. Then he returned to the screen and became one of the favorite audience of the audience.

The news was discovered one day after the death of former instructor of the real show "Wade", Rene O'Ryan.

This was one of the presentations that the dancer made in 2013 at "Gala Go Up Dance".

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