Sunday , August 1 2021

China Suarez three years after his fight with Pampita: "It was the violence of a woman against another woman" | TV and shows

One of the busiest love scandals lately was the division of Benjamin Vickyna and Caroline "Pampita" Ardohaine in 2015.

The foregoing, because everything that happened under conditions of rumors of infidelity, as the Argentine said he had discovered his former partner to have sex with Maria Eugenia Suarez in a motorcycle.

Three years after the controversy, China Suarez He broke the silence for this meditative struggle on the Argentine portal La Nassion.

After being asked if she was a feminist – for which she confirmed – the actress was talking about whether she felt that in this scandal with the model there was no catholicity, since many were taking sides with one or the other.

"In my case it was different because it was violence against a woman against another woman", Suárez started to defend his position against the rumors of infidelity.

"It's a pity that is a lie installed, I will say it for the rest of my days. But, hey, time fits everything, I have a clean conscience, I'm happy, everyone knows that Benjamin was separated and the damage is that he lied so much that such an exposed person has confirmed that. Those of us inside know that it is not so ", he stressed.

Finally, as to whether these wounds healed the actress showed it, thanks to the time, yes. "There are things that I did not like and they did a lot for me, especially because everyone knew they were separated. And the other version agreed more. She said that they were separated, lived in another apartment. And I felt it unfair. But it's over. We have a beautiful daughter. Collected family. I love their children, I love them very much, I care for them, from my place, I can, so they are healed ", he concluded.

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