Saturday , July 31 2021

China makes history and achieves landing on a moon that has never been made on the dark side of the Moon International

This Thursday, China announced its ship rover landed on the hidden side of the moon, a Monthly landing has never been done.

The Asian giant announced the twitter on Twitter, via China's official media daily, but deleted as a publication.

However, a few minutes later, the same signal confirmed that the ship really touched the moon at 10:26 am in Beijing, 21:26 to Chile.

On Thursday at 1:14 pm it was on national territory, that the last message came from the authorities: "Chang's probe" (4) from China landed on the hidden side of the moon"

Capture | Twitter
Capture | Twitter

It is badly called the "dark side of the moon", since its rotation never looks on the earth, although it receives sunlight, the human race has so far failed to explore this area of ​​the satellite.

With him meter high and its one and a half feet, this unmanned vehicle has six wheels and two foldable solar panels.

In September 2015, China announced its intention to complete this journey with The purpose of studying radio frequencies with low frequency and the geological conditions of this rocky lunar area.

Chang is the name of the goddess of the moon in Chinese mythology and this mission took place on the third, which succeeded – in 2013 – to transfer to the satellite a lunar vehicle called Utah, which is the name of the mascot of the deity.

Xinhua | Deutsche Welle
Xinhua | Deutsche Welle

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