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Chile se despidió del Mundial Sub 17 en octavos tras emotionally batalla con Brasil

La selección chilena, that clasificate a durable penis in the final octaves Mundial Sub 17, these are sample samples argued frente al favorito Brasil that the permitieron illusionarse durante 90 minutes con el avance.

Comandada por el colocolino Joan Cruz, on the day of the flight in the form of a "canarinha", a final round of a 3-2 remodel that eliminates the cost of certamen.

Brasil, traversed by esta llave, de esperar al cuadro ganador del Italy-Ecuador, ahead of the semifinals of Boleto is Lunes 11 in Goiania.

The local escalators have a number of defenses that are equipo- rial durable to the first few minutes. In the 5 'long primer aviso, and in the 7' 'Brazilian concreto su primera con travels a Kaio Jorge tire book, facilitated by a reboot of the barrera chilena.

Pudo llegar el segundo de "canarinha" a 14 'kaio traversal, aunque el VAR au evidencia para sealar de existencia offside en su arranque.

Chile is a country where people are confused about money laundering. Así, en los 24 ', Joan Cruz apostó con un fuerte zurdazo de media distances para el empate partial. The "10" de la Volvi on a 40 ' aprovechar a bit away from Daniel González, who sells a disparate quemarropa ante to Donelli's salida del arquero.

The cuadro auriverde logos marcar otra vez in an instant clave. In a minute to catch a glimpse of a camarines, Julio Fierro is set on a penalty by Kaio Jorge.

In the complement of Chile you have the option of retroceder in the Brasil line. I didn't think of Gonzalo Tapia and Alexander Aravena as a result, but they were just a few centimeters ahead of me.

Cuando los dirigidos de Cristian Leiva can only be found on the google map of Diego Rosa at a glance. The acupuncture and clavicle of the pelota in the superior superior deltoid segment, before the cusp of the anticipated form.

Los criollos buscaron las redes de incansable formas hasta los descuentos, aunque Brasil administratio exemplar exemplar faltas et demorando pelotas paradas.

As if the term continental history in the Chilean pre-election selves, which is in the phase of groups all the way to France in the debut, around Haiti and luego in the Corea del Sur.

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