Saturday , July 31 2021

Check the status of forest fires

On National Forestry Corporation (Conaf) announced on Wednesday that it has 70 active fires. Of these, 12 have been controlled and 37 have been extinguished.

This happens in the middle of the heat wave published by the Chilean Meteorological Directorate, which affects the regions of Coquimbo, Valparaiso and the Metropolitan of this Wednesday.

The maximum temperatures will be above 30 degrees Celsius for at least three days. In this case, the forecast is until Friday, January 4th.

The following forest fires are the ones that created the greatest impact they even prompted a Red Warning.

Valparaiso region

Viña del Mar

In the early hours of this Thursday, Viña del Mar Firefighters declared a new focus on the forest fire registered in the sector Renato Alto.

According to witnesses of the incident, the wind boosts the flame expansion, but it was reported that the flame managed to control, avoiding a possible risk to the homes of the sector.

Also, in Viña del Mar the flame affected the upper part of the city, where it is already consumed 5.9 hectares. The emergency began in the afternoon in the Las Patagos 2 sector, reaching the outskirts of the city.

German villa

In German villa affects the El Progreso sector, where it is already consumed 35 hectares and where it is, too 6 affected houses.

Santo Domingo

In the sector San Guillermo the Santo Domingo also has a red warning of a wildfire that is already consumed 30 hectares.


Bomberos de Valparaíso goes to the fire declared in the sector of the road La Pollera early in the morning of this Thursday.

In the sector Tranque La Luz 2 there is a forest fire consumed 4 hectares.

Metropolitan region


On the other hand, in the Lamp also was assigned a Red Warning with a forest-threatening home-threatening house that consumes 15 hectares in Chakra San Jose

However, Already controlled and the red signal was canceled.


In the sector City of the valleys Pudahhel registered a forest fire, but has now disappeared 26 affected.

Region Higgins


The new one is the one La Polcura for Christmas, O'Higgins region. The red signal was declared and already there 20 hectares consume with a threat to homes.


There is an Ensenada sector in Malloa 38 hectares consume with a forest fire. Determined Yellow alert for threat to vegetation.

Maulle region

San Javier

In the sector Melosal Norte In San Javier there was a forest fire that affected 40 hectares before removal and is already controlled.


In the El Bildo sector there 0.01 hectares Spent by wildfire. Yellow warning.

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