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Carolina de Mora explained why she did not show up when she called her on stage – Telethon 2018 – 24 hours

Carolina de Mora explained why she did not show up when she was called up on the stage

A fan gave an interview to end the speculation and said "there was confusion."

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Carolina de Moras has become a trend nationally in social networks, after Don Francisco called her unsuccessfully on several occasions in complete transmission of the Telethon.

Once the cheerleader does not appear on the stage, Christian Sanchez and Martin Karmamo tried to justify itHowever, people have already commented on his disappearance.

A fan wanted to respond this week to try to clarify this issue and speculation on the subject will be completed.

"I think there was confusion, that they did not warn me that I had left. I was with young children and were very cunning, very sleepy. When I was in the car, they told me that Don Francisco called me. I do not think they told him, "he told Glamorama.

He added: "I did not tell everyone at all, nor did I say goodbye to a person because there were so many people in the backstage. I warned people from Teleton and people on the floor and I began to say goodbye to them … I think there was confusion and they did not tell people who were above from below (on the stage) ".

The fan ended with the words: "I came to my house to feed the children, to wear pajamas and they were not the best character." They were with me from five o'clock and they had Tuto frightening … I was also destroyed, I spent the night at Telethon, I did not sleep at all and I collapsed … This morning I found out about Twitter and I do not understand anything. "

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