Sunday , April 18 2021

Carmen Frey handed over the flag she had covered with her father's casket at the Museum of Memory

Flags covering the coffin of the former president in 1982 Eduardo Frei Montalva During his funeral, one from Chile and one from the Christian Democrats, donated this Friday from Carmen Frey, daughter of the former president, to the Museum of Memory and Human Rights.

The two flags were sewn in order not to be separated and the red phalanx, the historical symbol of the DC, was present at the funeral of the assassinated former head of state, thus opposed the wishes of the representatives of the dictatorship.

"Today I am more confident than ever that this museum is the house where my father should be, not only as a former president of the Republic, but as a human being with virtues and defects that was, as a man and a citizen who he knew how to stand up and fight for the end of the dictatorship and to restore democracy, "said Carmen Frey during the delivery ceremony.

The former senator also handed over samples of two letters in which former President Frey Montagna sought help before being killed.

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