Friday , August 14 2020

Can your phone billing percentage affect the rate?

A series of social media announcements may show that apps like Uber and Bolt charge you more if you have a small battery on your phone.

It seems that Transportation apps like Uber or Bolt can have very unusual rates. Series rates which are more expensive when you have a small battery. This is reported by different people on social networks, especially in Twitter.

It seems necessary to have a power bank

According to many social media posts, There is ample evidence to show that all applications are more expensive when you have a small battery in your phone. In fact, this could make sense in the world, thanks to the urgency caused by the inability to request transportation.

Here we have one of those famous evidence taken directly from Twitter.

Uber Bolt prices

As you can see, the rates are different though it required the same trip at the same time. In fact it's just the same bill and the same travel time. It's a big difference in the phone on the left the battery is at 45% and the one on the right has 90%. This happens in the Bolt application.

How realistic is this?

In fact Uber himself explained that they do not use this type of pricing using the battery to determine the cost of the trip. This is how the portal Gizmomo was reported.

Uber Don't use your own prices or battery life is a factor in setting rates. Prices are optimized for the network as a whole, not for every individual passenger or driver.

Uber Bolt prices

Added to Uber, Bolt also talked about this famous post on social media.

Our prices do not depend on the model of your phone, the percentage of your battery or the method of payment. The cost of a trip to Bolt It consists of several components, such as start rate, distance, and time rate. The overall cost of travel can also be affected by the dynamic prices that are triggered at times of high demand and are intended to encourage drivers to move into the occupation area. The multiplier is updated in real time to respond to a sudden increase in demand. In exceptional cases, the difference in prices It may also be caused by the application version.

Then Could it be a coincidence that the lower battery is more expensive? it is possible. From prices are calculated using artificial intelligence. Even so, this phenomenon is very curious.

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