Monday , August 2 2021

British police added Megan Markle's sister to a list of "people who are watching" TV and shows

The hundreds of comments and threats from Samantha Markle against his half-brother Megan, they filled the patience of the royal family and placed it on the list "People to see" the British police.

Apparently, the authorities believe that the woman is obsessed with the Duchess of Sussex and can become a real threat to her and her family.

According to The Sunday Times, it was Megan's security team who warned Scotland Yard about the risk of a woman who tried to visit Kensington Palace last October (where her half sister lives) and in December sent him letter of reconciliation.

"Someone like Samantha is a risk, not a threat. He does not commit crimes, but he is concerned about the British royal family. Samantha can make scenes and create headlines with her actions and, to be honest, she has already done so, "a British newspaper source told police.


After hearing the news, Samantha, who suffers from multiple sclerosis and is in a wheelchair, responded Twitter: "This is ridiculous, I am in an electric wheelchair and I live on another continent. Advocating to do the right thing for our father is not an obsession," he said.

From the news about the engagement between Mehan and Prince Harry, the woman does not measure her words against the Duchess, whom she described as a social climber and a bad daughter who ignored her father.

Samantha gave numerous interviews and even wrote a book about her sister.

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