Friday , May 14 2021

Breast cancer is the leading cause of death among women in Chile

According to
information available from the Ministry of Health, breast cancer
is the main cause of Chilean deaths in the last year.
Additionally, the entity indicates that cancer is the second factor
death at the national level, after cardiovascular disease.

The above puts first
the need to carry out greater coverage of breast cancer, which every day
causing four new deaths among women in Chile due to discovery
late on the disease. In addition to the above, general statistics indicate
that every three hours a new case in the country is diagnosed, this kind of
from cancer responsible for one of every four diagnoses.

On the other hand, seven of each
Ten new breast cancer are diagnosed in women older than 50 years, presented
the age factor as one of the major. In addition to the above,
they consider the consumption of tobacco, alcohol, low-consumption foods and
vegetables grown in salt, among others.

It fits
note that breast cancer was incorporated in July 2005 in
Explicit health guarantees (GES), which guarantees access to the entire population,
opportunity, financial coverage and quality of integral attention; without
However, until now it does not provide full coverage of the disease.

Image: Huawei / Agency One.

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