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Breakfast is not as important as we thought (and taking it does not help you lose weight)

For decades, health authorities and nutritionists insisted on the idea that breakfast was the most important meal of the day and skipping it had serious consequences, among other things, increasing overweight. Some studies have already shown that this claim is probably exaggerated, but a new study by the British Medical Journal (BMJ) now ensures that, however much the opposite is said, There is no evidence that breakfast helps you lose weight.

British publication disassemble the current belief For breakfast helps you lose weight and do this by examining the quality of the studies it is based on. BMJ emphasizes the lack of firmness and warns the importance of careful interpretation of the results because they are conclusions based on observation and, perhaps, biased with healthy lifestyles and appropriate food choices.

Breakfast and weight loss are not related

According to BMJ there is no solid evidence to support the idea that breakfast generally helps weight gain, as there is no idea that skipping breakfast leads to an increase in body weight. In fact, he confirms that those who eat breakfast swallow more calories during the day and that skipping breakfast does not produce more appetite at the end of the day.

BMJ conclusions derive from analyzes conducted at Monash University in Melbourne from 13 randomized controlled trials, mainly in the United States and the United Kingdom, over the past 28 years, and the evidence obtained from them. Overseas pigs? "Breakfast" is common and unusual, with varying weights of the body controlled between 24 hours and 16 weeks.

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Several of these trials have focused on the establishment of the relationship between breakfast without breakfast and changes in body weight, while others analyze the effect of breakfast on daily energy intake. Contrary to what we have believed so far, the results obtained have shown that:

  • Those who skipped breakfast they weigh 440 grams less than the average that those who ate breakfast regularly, there is no difference between people of normal weight and those who are overweight.

  • Those who ate breakfast regularly ingested 260 calories more, on average daily, that those who do not have breakfast, regardless of the breakfast habits of the first.

  • Skipping breakfast was not related to people they felt more hungry in the afternoon, or with the differences in calorie expenditure.

  • On metabolic rates among those who usually ate and those who did not barely show any difference.

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The study of BMJ Disassemble the argument that breakfast can help you lose weight because it does not prevent overeating during the rest of the day. It does not appear to be a good strategy and will not help us lose weight. However, again, this time with his own work, he warns that the results are interpreted with caution.

While breakfast has been featured for years as the most important meal of the day, there is no evidence of this. The research that appears is telling us that Breakfast is just another meal – although the daily breakfast can have important effects on children every day, such as improving the level of concentration and attention – and skips do not have any consequences for eating each meal. But, however, I will prepare tea.

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