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Brandon Hernandez Testifies Against Carabiner Who Killed Him: "I started screaming like a crazy pain" | National

With the statement of Brandon Hernández Huentekol, the second day of an oral trial against a carabineer, accused of killing him during a procedure registered in the rural sector of Colpilli, ended.

Three testimonies were heard by judges of the Angolan Constitutional Court, German Varas, Francisco Boro and Wilfred Zirhlam, in connection with the events that took place on December 18, 2016, and ended with Brandon Hernandez with a dagger fracture.

The first to testify was the former head of the "Karabineros de Kuraco" checkpoint Ismail Vergara, who was in charge of the shooting before the then-17-year-old teenager.

Then it was the end of Broendon's brother, Isaac, who – on the day of the events – was reduced by uniformed staff and cried for help. Brandon came to his aid and also declined.

Behind one screen, in order to avoid direct contact with the uniformed, Isaiah told her version, in detail previous attacks suffered by Brandon, including a rifle rifle, all in the hands of the second sergeant.

After Isaiah, also screened, said Brandon Hernandez. He told them everything he had recalled, even gave details about it he felt and heard when he got the influence.

The 18-year-old also listed the consequences he suffered after the pelvic fracture. Among them, they pointed out that the legs can not last more than 100 meters and the worst thing about it is the medical projection of lead dummy that remains in the body, as their progress through the bloodstream could cost his life.

This article describes the current trial

There is a possibility that the charges will be rejected at the end of the investigation, due to which The defendant should not be held guilty while justice dictates judgment against him.
(Article 04 of the Law on Criminal Procedure)

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