Tuesday , August 3 2021

Bird Box was spotted at more than 45 million accounts in a week

And success was the premiere of Bird Box, the original Netflix Platform released on December 21 and that in a week it was noted by more than 45 million service bills.

"I got off with a tightening this morning to find out that Netflix's 45,037,124 accounts have seen the Bird Box. The best first seven days for the film Netflix, "the official account of the Twitter platform said.

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Production deals the story of Malori (Sandra Bullock), a woman who tries to survive in the middle of the post apocalyptic world with her two children, who must face the threat of invisible creatures that lead people to commit suicide if they look directly at them.

The tape even received approval for a reference to the genre of terror and uncertainty: the writer Stephen King, who admitted he was "absolutely fascinated" with a bird box.

"I do not think that lukewarm examinations, which may have been partly caused by the reviewers' ambivalence towards the broadcast platform, unlike theatrical publications," commented via Twitter.

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