Wednesday , June 16 2021

Bill Maher criticizes the legacy of Stan Lee

"The man who created Spider Man and Hulk He died and America is in mourning. In deep, deep mourning for a man who inspired millions, I do not know watching movies, I think … ", he wrote Bill Maher, a controversial TV presenter and an American comedian.

This phrase would be the beginning of a long publication in yours blog where questions and criticizes the legacy left by the late Stan Lee, the brilliant creator of the Marvel universe comics.

[FOTO]    This is the last picture of Stan Lee taken two days before he died

Through his blog Bill Maher attacked the Americans (and Lee fans in general) for "using their intelligence to stupid things", which proves that many of them "exaggerated" with death creator of X-men In addition, he began severe criticism for those who still like comics when they are adults.

"I do not mind comic books, I have read them from time to time when I was a kid and I was a fan of Hardy Boys, but the assumption that everyone, both adults and children, was Comics were for children and when you grew up, you went to big children's books without pictures"Maher wrote.

He also added sarcastic comments like, "Someone wrote," I am extremely grateful for life in the world that included Stan Lee. " Personally, I am grateful that I lived in a world where oxygen and treesbut everyone to his own. "

During the same publication, I assure you that "at some point, twenty years ago, adults decided that they did not have to give up children's things, they pretended that comics are actually sophisticated literaturea ".

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At the end he strongly criticized American fans because he wrote that it was not too far-fetched to suggest that Donald Trump I can only be chosen in a country that thinks the comic book is important.

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