Saturday , May 8 2021

Bicycle use reduced by 15% according to the Law on Coexistence on the Roads in Las Condes | National

A few weeks ago, on Law on coexistence of roads, which aims to improve co-existence between different modes of transport.

According to that, In the municipality of Las Condes, the use of bicycles has been reduced by 15%.

"The law is already in force, and I think at this moment there is a high risk, which I already see in the municipality: as has been done so far, the standard causes a significant reduction in bicycle travel ", said the mayor of that commune, Joaquin Lavin, according to The third one.

The mayor, according to data provided by the GPS which allows you to know how many journeys can be done a week, pointed it out "from the implementation of the law there is a 15% drop in the number of bicycle trips, in our case. I think this is because of that, and I was told that there are cyclists who do not dare to walk on the street, as the law says. "

To fight this fall, Lavin added that he was urgently build more bicycle strips, so that it does not continue to decline.

"I think this causes urgency for the whole issue of road infrastructure. We need to look for creative formulas, and we need to use the summer to build a network of bicycle paths much larger than the one we have in Las Condes, "he concluded.

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