Sunday , May 16 2021

Beyonce shared the picture with her daughter and her affinity is undeniable | Social networks

As two drops of water are seen Beyoncé and his daughter Blue Ivy in a picture that compares when the singer was 7 years old, the same age as the little girl today.

While many resemble their parents, the truth is that the pictures, the looks, and especially the hair of both, are very similar, so much so that one can get confused.

According to T13, Beyonce wanted to show similarity in social networks and write: "Someone made this comparison with me at 7 years and Blue at age 7. My baby is growing."

The singer's image corresponds to a scene from a video clip Raised a woman from 2014, where singing and dancing appears.

The image has achieved more than 4.4 million "likes" and many of the singer's followers thought they were really "equal."

Check out the photos below:

Enjoy the Beyonce song called Raised a woman:

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