Saturday , July 31 2021

Beware of gout: the disease of kings that no longer makes a difference

There was a time when giants were connected with the elites because, although they intervene genetic factors in its appearance, the triggering is usually associated with excess foods with abundant amounts of alcohol infused with generous amounts of alcohol. Not in vain, it's known as disease of kings because it was a rich man who had access to those foods directly involved in their appearance. But today, this conception is obsolete and the fall does not make any difference.

The fall is a rheumatic disease that is manifested by intense pain and inflammation in the joints due to the accumulation of uric acid in the tissues. This can cause a physical limitation in times of crisis and can also cause premature mortality if not treated properly so A balanced diet and avoidance of alcohol consumption is necessary if you want to stop.

According to the study on the prevalence of rheumatic diseases in the adult population in Spain (EPISER 2016), prepared by the Spanish Association for Rheumatology, 2.4% of the population older than 18 years suffer from this disease and usually appear changes to Christmas, but also in the summer and autumn. Although diet is determinant, gout also occurs due to failure in renal elimination of uric acid, which explains that a significant percentage of those who suffer from it are young people with a healthy lifestyle.

Food and Beverage

However, as far as nutrition is concerned, It is convenient to know which food, in large quantities, can cause this disease to not abuse its consumption. It does not mean you need to expel them, but be careful if you do not want to make a painful surprise that requires medical treatment:

· Tomato

· Blue fish.

· Sal.

· Red meat

· Sausages.

· Courage.

· Seafood

· Condemned cheese

· Asparagus

· Spinach

· Pepper

· Drinks with drinks

· Alcohol

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