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Best diet for 2019 if you want to lose weight and have better health

Did you start the new year on your right leg? How is that goal? body weight? Do not answer with a full mouth. Perhaps you do not know where else to get started, especially if this catches you new and you have never taken it seriously, so check out the guide the best diet for 2019 that you have drawn "US News and World Reportit can be a solution to all your problems (or maybe not all, but those related to weight).

Perhaps you remember it, because before that we treated it, so it would not be strange to know Mediterranean diet is, no doubt, the star on the list. There is evidence that this is decreasing bad cholesterol and that it is healthy for the heart and, as we know, it is not very complicated to implement. According to the Mediterranean Diet Foundation, it is ideal daily water supply of 1.5 liters as well as one or two servings after a meal in the form of bread, pasta, rice, couscous or others. We are Mediterranean, it can not be so difficult to implement.

How delicious Mediterranean food, right? (iStock)
How delicious Mediterranean food, right? (iStock)

For this 2019 the list also mentions a diet "Um"This is based on a mixture of the said Mediterranean, along with"DashA feed plan for reducing or controlling high blood pressure through the following foods: vegetables, fruits, etc.dairy products with low fat content, as well as whole grains, fish, poultry and walnuts. Variety of the menu In these proposals, it is fundamental and, according to experts, it serves to improve brain health and reduce mental deterioration.

The Mediterranean diet, to prevent diabetes and heart problems, is at the top of the list

We are talking here about the healthiest diets in general. The Mediterranean is in the lead if we want to reduce it diabetes risk, to prevent heart problems or simply to perform a simple diet, but who are at the top of the list if what we are looking for is to lose weight? In that case, we should mention the HMR program, the acronym of "Resource Program for Health Management", which is based on weight loss by substitution meals with fruits and vegetables.

E. Tired

If you do not want to decide about typical and boring recipes, and do not neglect the scale, take a folio and write down these delicious dishes

There is room for other plans in the list. There is a conversation, for example, on Northern diet, recommended by WHO, which has many characteristics with the Mediterranean, but is based on traditionally produced foods Northern Europe (fruits, whole cereals, legumes …) or flexible, ideal for those who want to discover vegetarianism, but sometimes they can not avoid dental swelling in the stack.

What about a keto diet?

And you will think, how is it that they have not yet mentioned the keto diet, which is expected in the list of diets as much as the dress of Christina Pedroche during the horses? Recent research on the harmful effects of dieting with low carbohydrates is what leads to diets keto or paleo to occupy the worst positions in this particular ranking.

The Paleo diet takes a low place because there is no scientific research to support the claim that the elimination of major food groups, such as dairy products and whole grains, is really beneficial for health. The low keto score is even less surprising, given the number of high-profile experts who opposed last year and the documented side effects of the diet, which may include fatigue, excessive thirst and constipation.

Is this safe?

"United States News research on nutritionists, dietitians and doctors who specialize diabetes, heart health and weight loss. Each of them qualifies 41 diets in seven different categories, including whether it is easy to follow or the likelihood of losing a substantial amount weight for a short or long period of time. After that, each diet gets a rating of between one and five stars (five are the maximum score). Hence these results. It seems that we will have to prepare a good gaspacho.

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