Tuesday , June 22 2021

Beccacece ranks Defensa y Justicia as the first Libertadores in its history and fights the top in Argentina

With the uncertainty accompanying each of his latest presentations, defense and justice won Banfield 3-2 and was one point behind the Argentine Super League leader, racing.

But in addition, the team led by Sebastian Bexace was first classified in Copa Libertadores in all of its history, which will play in 2020.

Beccacece has already classified the defense of the South American Cup in the first round, so the former Universidad de Chile coach again marks the story.

Three goals by Nicholas Fernandez and two of Nicholas Bertollo gave him life on the historic board, and he fought with the La Academy Marcelo Diaz, Gabriel Arias and Eugenio Mena.

Three dates from the end, which is exactly scheduled for the clash between races and defense and justice in Avelaneda, has no favorites.

Sergio Ramos and the team

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