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Battlefield V, the great battle between good gameplay and bugs

The battlefield has always been one of my favorite FPS (Personal Shooter). The fact that battles are real struggles among many players, with huge open stages and all kinds of vehicles is something that captures and distinguishes it from other war games.

In this sense The Battlefield V, which came out recently, remains faithful to what is saga, with simply wonderful and varied scenarios. Snowy mountains, cities, fields, and cities make up the various scenarios of Battlefield V, all packed with items, but which have a point against the amount. This is not so much, so it will not be long before you begin to repeat them.

In the totalThere are 8 maps available with the launch of the game, all huge and full of details that make them visually attractive.
When Battlefield 1 was released, the game unveiled scenarios that were undoubtedly shown with graphics from the next generation, now Battlefield V is not far behind and is a level of detail in any scenario that gets you into the game completely.

We test the game using Nvidia GeForce 1070 and this did not have a problem and worked perfectly in terms of graphic details –We use this opportunity to thank Nvidia for providing the code for this review -.

Another attractive point of scenario is a number of elements that are destroyed while the fight progresses, This is how a village at the beginning of the game will have all its houses in perfect condition, but when there are 15 or 20 minutes, the place will look completely different to most destroyed objects.

The visual appeal of this game is simply incredible and captivated from the very beginning with its introduction where You use different soldiers in some of the most important battles of World War II.

In connection with the game Battlefield V represents a series of new features mainly in terms of what teamwork means.

Among them is the fact that when you are ousted, any ally of your team can stand up without the need to be a doctor, so Teamwork becomes essential so that it can progress without losing. In the same way, each player can only take first aid, so after you use it, you need to ask for a health checkpoint or it will not last long in combat.

Given the limited health and that your allies can help you, it is vital for your team, for what Players can choose between four classes, which will have different specializations. This will lead to spending a lot of time looking for a class that suits you best, whether it supports the team as a doctor (which can not only revive your team), specializing in close combat with the class of attack or remotely with recognition.

Added to intense online games, Battlefield V has an attractive way of displaying, with four stories (three currently available), although they are quite short, about 5 hours, they allow a different approach to the game, especially because it does not give maximum freedom as well as various online games.

But since everything is perfect, we have to talk about the problems of Battlefield V. The bulk of them are a number of errors that appear in multiplayer mode, some of which cause grace and others who bother and interfere with the gaming experience.

There were several games where the characters killed began to write in the air before falling or flying a few meters with an arrow, problems that are not quite strange in the games, are mistakes that do not affect the game at all … if it was just this you will not be a big problem.

Perhaps the biggest mistake is that sometimes the weapon remains closed in the center, and although it points to an angle, it does not move, but sees it, so it's almost impossible to get it right. Although this bug did not force me to close the game and it can be corrected when changing hours at dying, of course it's quite boring.

The good thing about these errors is that they can be fixed with upgrades, but the point is that they should not come with the game on its launch.

Finally, Battlefield V does not cease to be a great game, the battles are more exciting than ever, scenarios look fantastic – although it's a bit for now – the game is very good, but the errors … the cursed bugs … no doubt they are consuming enough that could be one of the best saga games.

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