Saturday , June 12 2021

Basic elections: the main battles to be fought in tomorrow’s elections

These are the two matches in which most of the views of the opposition will be set. The primary elections should know, on the one hand, the letter of the Broad Front and, on the other hand, the letter of the Constituent Unit, with which the final elections for governor of the metropolitan are expected in April.

Thus, this week the former ministers would be measured from the sidewalk Helia Molina (PPD), Claudio Orego (DC) and Elvaro Erazo (PS) to know who will represent the pact for a newly established constituent unit. On the other hand, they will challenge the quota Carina Oliva (Commune), Maria Jose Cumplido (PL) and Sebastian Depollo (RD).

However, regardless of who wins each of these matches, this election was seen as a measure of the strength between the two blocs. In this way, a dispute is put on the table about the specific weight of each conglomerate in the center-left, to what extent the sector will be able to invite more people to participate in their respective competitions.

The Constituent Assembly is convinced that their election will arouse greater interest from voters. From that bloc they ensure that their letters are better known and that the number of militants in the parties that make up their pact (PS-PPD-PR-DC-Ciudadanos-PRO) will make them take a larger share of that of the Broad Front.

Meanwhile, the FA, while agreeing that more people should run in the constituency primary, bets that the difference between the number of voters in the elections of both coalitions is not so great. They also assure that this is only the first phase and that the elections in April and the probable second round are still missing, so there is still a lot of room for development.

However, a debate has begun over whether the difference between the participation of the primaries in one bloc and the other is too great, with the dominant candidate becoming the sole candidate from these two unions for the April elections.

It should be noted, however, that in the opposition, the Communist Party has already stated that it will nominate a candidate for the April elections, and in the Humanist Party, they have already made the candidacy of Pablo Maltes official, a partner of Congresswoman Pamela Ilesiles.

In the Broad Front and in the Constituent Unit, they agree that their Valparaiso bets will carry symbolic weight for both blocs. The Region V by-elections, where the two center-left pacts will compete separately, will be one of the main opposition matches this week.

On the one hand, the Constituent Unit will face the candidate of the PS and PPD, the former rector of the University of Valparaiso, Aldo Vale, against the letter of the DC, the regional councilor, Christian Mela. In the meantime, three candidates will be tested on a wide front: Rodrigo Mundaka, supported by RD; Natalie Campusano, Social Convergence and Juan Carlos Garcia, of the Liberal Party.

In this last block, they see that this competition will measure the true electoral weight in one of the areas that they consider to be the “cradle of Frantaamplism”. In that sense, they believe that Valparaiso has a better chance of succeeding in terms of the number of voters compared to the Constituent Assembly.

For their part, from that pact they convey that this region is relevant for PS and PPD because of the “experiment” which means joint candidacy. Also at the DC, they recognize the demographic importance of the area for the great commitment of the community: that the party will win the majority of the 16 primary elections in its bloc.

One of the main disputes to be settled on Sunday is the center-right battle for Vitakura, where three candidates are vying to become the definitive representatives of the sector to fight for mayor of the commune, led by Raul Torreleba (RN) since 1996. . ), who announced a few months ago that he would not run for another term and that, in any case, he would be prevented by a new law restricting re-election.

On September 30, the three participants in the official primary elections were registered: the former Minister of Labor Camilla Merino (Evopoli), the former mayor of Santiago and La Florida Pablo Zalaket (UDI), and Vitacura’s current advisor Maximiliano del Real (RN).

All these spores, at the same time, and various supports of right-wing figures in recent days. This, in the area that is considered the election bastion of that bloc. For example, Torelba backed Del Real, who also received support videos from, among others, former Las Condes mayor Francisco de la Maza and Magdalena Pinheira, the daughter of President Sebastian Pinheira; while the mayor of Providence, Evelyn Matthey, recorded a video highlighting Merino’s figure; and Zalaket on Wednesday had a field trip accompanied by the mayor of Las Condes and one of the main figures in the presidency of Chile, Vamos, Joaquin Lavigne.

Cristobal Lira, The incumbent mayor of UDI in Lo Barnaha was appointed to the post after Felipe Guevara (RN) left the post – which he held for 11 years – to take over as mayor of the Metropolitan Region. And now Lira is trying to remain head of communal government for the next four years.

However, he will have to face the letter promoted by the National Renovation, the executive director of the Libertad Institute, in the primary election. Consuelo Alvial.

In the days leading up to primary school, moreover, an escalating struggle broke out between Lira and Guevara: the former accused the Metropolitan Region mayor of interventionism in favor of Alvial, a fact that would run counter to instructions from President Sebastian Pinheira, ministers, undersecretaries, mayors and governors to refrain from active participation in the campaign. This is in order not to deepen the differences and to avoid the conflicts in Chile Vamos.

However, the regional chief and those around him have denied the allegations. All this, in a context in which the candidate for RN worked directly with Guevara at the head of the Directorate for Community Development of the municipality of Lo Barneha.

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