Tuesday , August 3 2021

Barcelona will be the rate of Chilean Guillermo Maripan

After the good 2018 in Deportivo Alaves from Spain, the name of the Chilean Guillermo Maripan began haunting the hosts of Barcelona who would consider betting on the defender.

According to Radio Cooperative in Chile, an image directed by Ernesto Valverde is considering his name to step up the last line in case of Frenchman Samuel Umtii's departure.

Umty is not satisfied with his limited ownership in the second half of 2018, after being world champion with France, so he will try to find his way out of the comet.

Something in favor of Maripan is that he will no longer be a non-union player in six months, which can ease his arrival in the Catalan match in the short run.

In statements by the same media, Alaves Sports Director Sergio Fernandez said that ""We have not received any official proposal from Guillermo, we are aware that if we continue to play at a level that is, if they continue to improve and grow as it has done so far, it will be normal to attract the attention of the main teams in Europe. But to this day, everything has remained in simple rumors. "

Even Fernandez found that "for us, Guillermo is not for sale, it is one of the most important assets we have at the moment at the sports and economic level."

"We will simply hear the proposal if that level and caliber of what we consider to be Guillermo Maripan for the football scene," he added.

On the other hand, the representative of the player, Marcelo Contreras, told El Graphic Chile that for the European summer this transfer could happen: "A month ago we proposed his name to a sports manager, they are investigating the possibility, but that will be in summer European) ".

"We are waiting to manage the passport by June's stay," Contreras added, concluding with the indication that "they have been watching him for some time and that Arturo and Munir are good because they know him."

In addition to FC Barcelona, ​​the player has attracted the attention of the clubs such as Roma Roma from Italy, Fenerbahce from Turkey and some Russian clubs like Spartak from Moscow, Lokomotiv Moscow and Krasnodar.

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