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CAREFUL SPOILERS! Avengers: Endgame arrived in the Peruvian and regional cinemas. Now that thousands of people have seen the tape, we can already confirm that the Marvel study ended several Avengers and other characters who developed the plot. The cinematographic universe will restore the template before Phase 4, so it's better to have an idea for a complete list of falling characters.

The war was defeated. Thanos fell with his dark army, but in order to achieve victory they had to make some sacrifices for which more than one fan is not ready. After all, it has been more than 10 years with the most famous characters of Marvel Comics turned into meat and blood.

Who died in the Avengers: Engelga? Sorry, the following characters:


The journey of "black Widow"It was one of the most difficult Avengers: Endgame. After the events of Infinity War , although they beat him and killed Thanos in his shelter -Tor cuts his head off with Stormbreaker-, the lost people do not return home, and for Natasha it means losing his family. She had nothing. Only in Avengers. But, five years after the great disappearance, "Avengers" barely survive. In fact, Hawkeye moves away from his superhero role and becomes a vigil known as Ronan.

Hope reborn only when Ant-Man reappears with a chance to fix things: the journey through the Quantum Kingdom to recover lost families, fallen comrades, life itself. But traveling time is not enough. They must find the branches of infinity before Thanos, and reconciling with Clint Burton, Natasha travels to sleep with finding the Gem of the Mistress, without even imagining that it will cost her life.

Clint and Natasha knew that Thanos had left the Vormir with the stone, but without his daughter Gamora, but they do not know that the titan had to sacrifice him on the same diamond demand. The person who wants to own the Gem of the Mistress must sacrifice the person he loves, and in the case of "Avengers", his partner on duty is that person.

What happens then? They engage in a sacrificial fight. The winner will have the opportunity to die for the other, but when it seemed Clint's, Natasha jumped behind him in the abyss, to the extent that both of them were hanging, the "widow" was a more pronounced situation, scarcely retained by the goalkeeper. In the end, Natasha simply falls and dies when she collapses on the floor. Clint gets a gem, but loses "Nat".


Thanos of the past – the one from the present was killed by Thor – reveals Avengers Plans and with the help of Gamora from the same time travels to the future and attacks the "Avengers" at their own base. Thanos defeated Captain America, Iron Man and Thor without much trouble, while his supporters are trying to rebuild the Stones of the Infinite after missing the site from which they should never leave.

Believing in everything that is in his favor, Thanos calls his entire army. On the black line, counters and readers. However, their advantage ends when the missing return to the battlefield, transported by Doctor Strandz. They all returned and everyone fought. From Spiderman to Black Panther, from Falcon to Scarlet Witch, but Thanos is very powerful and sometimes recovers space and grabs the glove made by Tony Stark. However, it is unable to give a new "temporary". Captain Marvel, a newcomer from space, does not allow that. "Cap" does not allow this. Iron does not allow this. Tony also steals the stones and immediately creates a new glove for the costumes and snaps his fingers.

Immediately the villains become dust, one by one, and knowing that they are defeated, Tanos sits and waits until he disappears like everyone else.


Tony knew that no human being could withstand the power of the rocks of infinity, but he still used them and paid for the cost of saving the universe.

Earlier, Hulk manipulated the power of the stones to restore all of the missing and the consequences on his body were notorious: he practically lost his hand. Thanos from the present, on the other hand, admitted he almost died to use the stones, so Tony, as a human being, could only experience something worse.

After the disappearance of Thanos, the power of the stones began to consume Tony's right hand and his vital signs began to fail. He had no salvation and barely managed to say goodbye to Rodhi, his best friend, Peter Parker, his apprentice and Pepper Potts, the woman of his life.

Bipper could have at least assured him that his daughter and she would be fine. Only after that came Tony Stark's body.



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