Thursday , May 6 2021

Audio confirms that Juan Gabriel is alive, according to a Mexican journalist

In the countdown of the announced return of Juan Gabriel, a journalist who claimed to own her an unpublished song from "Divo de Juárez" that will keep the fact that he is alive and praised his death.

Journalist for entertainment Marta Figueroa He made progress in the "With Permission" program, which will present an investigation into the "fake death" of a Mexican singer in August 2016.

"Just a minute ago, I received a message about WhatsApp by Joaquín Muñoz (former manager of Juan Gabriel) and he says:" Look at Martha, Alberto sends you (the real name of the singer). It's an unpublished, recent issue that has just been done. He sends it to you ""he expressed a Mexican journalist.

"And I say" I can pass it, with your permission? "and he says," Yes, that's what I'm sending you, it's for you on behalf of Alberto "", Figueroa considers.

The envisaged unpublished item was presented in the program, but in reality it corresponds a well known song whose title is "Diley" and that Juan Gabriel performed on the Viña Festival in 1998.

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