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AUDIO | Case of Catrillanca: Udinese leader blames the assembly and confirms that the cancellation of bullets killed the "damn criminal"

Gloria Naveil (UDI) is the leader of the Farmers' Association of the city of Victoria and was also a former candidate for MP in the 22nd district. Through WhatsApp, during this weekend, the unionist began to spread a statement about his – to which he had access Dynamo– where she tells her version of what allegedly happened on the day of murder of Camilo Katrilanka by Carabineros.

According to her, and without presenting evidence of any kind, except his testimony, everything was about "editing" to the government to incriminate the police institution and thereby achieve political gains in the proposals made in the area by the Minister for Social Development, Alfredo Moreno.

Naveill√°n assures that "the procedure in which Catrillanca died is a procedure that is absolutely adapted to what should be," because – according to his story – "Catrillanca was one of the thieves of the teachers' vehicles, in fact, he was recognized by one of the professors, who informed Minister Espina about this, and Minister Espina was queer like he always was who said: "I am no longer a senator there, I can not do anything" ".

"What happened that day, so that they understand and do not repeat stupid things, is that Karabineros acted in search of a group of people who terrorized teachers and children who stole their vehicles with weapons and machets. One of the vehicles was haunted by air from one of Karabineros helicopters, who informed the crew of the country where to go. On the road they found a barricade of logs and could not continue in the vehicle and continued on foot, "the woman says.

Then, his personal version of the story indicates that "from the helicopter they were informed that the passenger of the vehicle had descended and that he had gone to the ruins of the forest and after the driver of this vehicle climbed onto the blue tractor then a companion also went on a blue tractor. "

"Catrillanca tried to attack the carabineros backwards, and then ripped forward with the back of the police. Karabineros ordered him to stop and not stop. In a procedure like this, the GOPE was instructed to act and for that they were given arms, to arrest the perpetrators of the crime and the attack they committed. So that everyone has a clear: what killed Catrillanca was the return of a bullet to a tire for tractors, because it was not a direct bullet. Because a bullet of 5.56 to 14 meters would destroy the Catrillanca skull and nothing happened. In fact, the return was stuck in Catrillanca's head and did not even die in a minute, "said the former JD candidate.

And he adds: "Hence, the procedure was to try to help save the life of the cursed one who was a criminal because the boy had a police record and was acquitted by Judge Colipuli with clear legal arguments that did not correspond. "


According to its version, the assembly began at that moment. "When they arrived at their headquarters in Pailaheke, the order was to wait there for General Carabinieri, who came from Santiago, when they were supposed to do according to the procedure, was to go to Colpilli's office to explain what had happened, were forced to stay In Pailahueque , the general of Santiago, Francis, arrived with the lawyer. The lawyer has repeatedly communicated on the phone in Santiago, that I would like to know who he is, although I doubt who he may be, and received orders to make a declaration of these carabineers that were fake … "says in the audio

"The carbine did not want to sign the declaration, but an order was made in an institution like Carabineros by the superiors, not discussed. While the general was ahead, they had no alternative but to sign, knowing that what they signed was a lie. , all this was an edifice that came from far above these poor four pakos that are now detained and are being tried for the murder they have never committed, "he adds.

"The government has no trousers, cowards and ladies"

This is what Nawian says "There is a mistake in a government that does not have pants, cowards and ladies that what he did is deliver us into a tray in exchange for Moreno can get his impulsive plan, which does not serve for any stupidity, except for the use of violent maps "also questions that the government "is not able to bring a state of emergency that allows us to travel and sleep peacefully."

For all this, the leadership of Udine adds another element: "It turns out that it was exactly that government that created the monster. Because we do not forget that the Minister (Alfredo) Moreno did not find it better than to start joining the violent Mapuchi, such as Anclaf who , without going further, quoted the meeting there in Villarrica.Then it turns out that they are trying to give a sign to the strongest of the group, amongst others, Marcellito Katrilanka Pew, the father of the dead"

"And it turns out that the deceased's father, San Camillo, is a criminal who for years has been a fugitive from justice and it turns out that the grandfather is neither a miracle of a person. And Minister Moreno found nothing better than to apologize to Loncar's funeral, or they do not know when. And now he goes through a press release to meet with Marcelo Catrillanca to apologize for the death of his son, "he explains.

Finally, the candidate confirms that "it will need to be filled with crying. How can you think of creating a monster like the one you created? Now the government does not know what to do with Marcelo Katrilanka, because I suppose who is the one who encourages the cuckoo on all the tracks here: Marcelito Katrilanka with his people can. So now the government, after creating the monster, does not know what to do. No, if they sincerely have the year they are looking for. "

Via Twitter (@glorianaveillan), the leader confirmed that audio is his. Check them here:

NOTE: It should be noted that the leadership of the UDI does not give any evidence of its story and does not coincide with the account of former fighters being released or testimonies or expert reports collected by the prosecution. For now, it's just a personal version of Gloria Naveilan.

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