Tuesday , July 27 2021

At the beginning of the year 2019 we are waiting for "suppression of blood wolf" – Diario Digital Our country

On January 21, 2019 there will be a total eclipse of the moon that can be seen from the territory of several continents. This phenomenon is also known as the "supernova from the blood of the wolf".

That day, the natural satellite will be closer to Earth and will therefore appear larger than usual.

This was the "eclipse of the century", seen by different countries. Spútnik

At 05:12 GMT on January 21, 2019, the satellite, in the full moon phase, will be fully wrapped in a reddish or orange mantle. Residents of North America, South America, Western Europe and Africa will be able to observe this phenomenon. During the night of 28 June 2018, several countries were able to observe the longest eclipse on the moon of the 21st century, with the satellite also It was colored red. This phenomenon was called the "Moon of the Blood".

It should be noted that this name has nothing to do with scientific nomenclature. "Scientists and astronomers do not call these joint events moons of blood, at least not seriously," the science journalist Ryan Mandelbaum wrote in Gismodo. It is interesting that the unusual reddish color of the satellite is a reflection of the state of the atmosphere on the planet. Earth: "The moon in the blood is created from ashes of fires and volcanoes, a storm of dust and pollution filtered by sunlight as dispersed around our world," said the astronomer Pamela Gay for Space. com. (Sputnik)

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