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At 12 Biobío ice cream parlors, which were summarized as containing faeces in their products

This week, Seremi of Health from the Biobio region, Hector Munyo, reported the completion of summaries of various local ice cream stores due to the presence of excrement in their products. They were carried out after inspection by the same body together with the Secretary General of the Government of Biobio and the Food Safety Department.

In 2018, 134 samples were taken in ice cream stores, and out of them total of 35 health summaries. The reason? High concentration of faecal coliforms.

According to the slogan Cooperative, the body explained the process indicating that, after the commencement of the investigation, a more detailed analysis was made. "If there are dangerous bacteria for the community, and if that happens, there is a ban on work at the ice cream parlor. "

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Munoz also clarified that, so far, enterprises are not closed. "It did not happen in 2018, it still did not happen in 2019, but if the shortened procedure made all the preventive measures for hygiene on the premises, so as not to repeat again that the samples from the coliforms are above already elevated"Finish.

In favor of avoiding the presence of these bacteria, the body plans to intensify control and in 2019 two collections have already been transferred to commercial premises.

The list of commercial premises with "non-compliant" samples, below:

    • Yoggen Frouz, Barros Arana 1068, Concepción
    • Needle ice cream, Manuel Mont 1109, Tome
    • Ice cream shop, Mariano Erganza 1030, Tome
    • German fountain, Prieto 471, Concepcion
    • Montero Flores y Cía. Ltda, O & # 39; Higgins 2635, Chiguayante
    • Lucerne, Toucapel 954, Concepcion
    • Ice cream shop, Lautaro 193, colonel
    • Hazel, Violets 1782, San Pedro de la Paz
    • Restaurant Las Rocas in LeuFu, Savadra 262, Lebow
    • Rometsch, Barros Arana 685, Concepción
    • Yoggen Frouz, Eda Jorge Alessandri 3177, Tulkhauano
    • Youserv, Joge Alessandri 3177, Tulkhauano

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