Monday , August 2 2021

As with Valenar: the ANFP now ban Barneja from professional football Football

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Leonardo Rubilar | UN Archive

An unexpected blow lasted for the last few hours Athletic Club Barnaie, they said that until last year they competed in the first B.

This after that out known for his expulsion from professional football by the ANFP, the governing body of national football.

Specifically, the actor "huaicochero" lost the license with a resolution from the First Instance, an organism that gives "green light" – or not – to the participation of the clubs.

Why the license of Barnaea was taken away? According to the official document, there is only one reason: to go to regular courts in recent weeks.

"The club filed a lawsuit before the 13th Guarantee Court in Santiago, caused RIT N ° 6879-2018. The above is contrary to the statement in relation to the participation provided for in Article 20 point J.1 of the letter C, related to the legal criterion of the Club's Licensing Rules, "the document discovered by La Terzeria said.

Recall that the capital went to court charging a lawsuit against San Marcos de Arica, and who are responsible, unfair administration.

In Barnaea they believe that The Nortino team negotiates with Sebastian Moreno voting on ANFP presidential election day to receive in return support that would allow them to retain the category. How? The lawsuit filed on the same day by Arica against them.

In this way, Barnechea is the second institution that lost the license in the last month. Waldenaar suffered the same punishment.

Now, "Barne" has five days to complain about solving the body of the first instance.

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