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Arnold Schwarzenegger's son breaks biceps

Los Angeles Celebrity Sights - July 04, 2019

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Have you ever worked biceps on a reel or with a cable? It is one of the most desirable exercises for hands on Josephine Baena, on son of Arnold Schwarzenegger, and a very useful alternative to Scott's classic bench or mouse curl. With a bar or ropes, it will catch your eye biceps fully And, as Baena herself says, "In the event of doubt, train your hand!"

Benefits of working on a reel biceps

Standing in front of the multifunctional machine, take the bar or ropes with a grip on the spine, ie with the palms facing the ceiling, push the pulley up, glue the elbows to the body and lift and drop in a controlled manner.

Although it is a perfect exercise to look for congestion rather than hypertrophy, it is effective in defining and delivering a peak biceps. It serves to train the whole muscle and provides you with almost uniform resistance throughout the journey.

Any tips? Hold your back straight, bend your knees slightly and look straight ahead. Avoid helping your shoulders and be aware that keeping your elbows on your body will insulate them better. biceps and you will favor its growth.

It is also possible to work with only one hand thanks to the grip we use for crossing the legs with brushes; The problem is that it will be more difficult to control movement and maintain proper technique.

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