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Ariana Grande gets a Japanese tattoo with a mistake

NEW YORK, United States – Too bad what Ariana Grande, the American pop star, to be vegan. He was just tattooed by accident Japanese characters which relate to grilling in the Asian country.

The 25-year-old singer wanted to tattoo a Japanese translation "7 rings" (seven rings), the title of his last success, in the palm of his hand.

The artist released the photo of the result in Instagram social network, but he quickly repressed him after the netizens told him that his tattoo did not mean what he meant. Due to a lack of spelling, the message does not apply to seven rings, but to one a small Japanese charcoal grill.

In a series of tweets that ended with deleting, Ariana Grande He acknowledged that he had forgotten the symbol, but hoped that the tattoo would be erased, because the skin of the palms of the hands regenerates before the other parts of the body.

On video clip of "7 rings", released in mid-January, was successful at YouTube, where it has more than 100 million views, and has led sales charts of singles in USA

The next album of the star, very popular with the adolescent audience, will be released on February 8.

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