Tuesday , August 3 2021

Are you together? Pangal Andrade is honest about the supposed romance with Kika Silva

A few days ago, the Competition Network program surprised its viewers by reporting on the assumed romance: Kika Silva and Pangal Andrade.

This theory would appear after both would have a good connection in the program "Unbeatable" the Chileans who will debut this week.

And the controversy was such that even Rakel Argandon He referred to this topic, because a blonde girl was an intimate friend of her daughter, Kel Calderón.

But the newspaper La Quarta decided to try to put an end to the controversy and he asked Andrade what his sentimental situation is.

"I'm older than a finger"He commented in an interview to explain later that" I'm alone, I'm not with Kika, "he said.

The Athlete did not deny that he denied the aforementioned media that accompanied Kika Silva into marriage, but he clarifies that it is only "pure good vibration It's love, very nice and free"He finished.

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