Sunday , June 13 2021

Arancibia admits to urging O & M's ex-partners to go to UC

Universidad de Chile does not depend on itself to win the title of the national championship, because the leader of the Catholic University needs to stumble on one of the two dates so that he can dream of the crown.

And the blue striker Francisco Arancibia He hopes that Crusaders can win points on Sunday in a duel against O & M Higgins, a former board of ramen. In fact, the young assailant admitted that he had asked his former partners to give him the hand of the people.

"I told them all, I called those whom I trust most, I told them that they must go with everything, because they are drinking", confirmed Aranchibia on Tuesday at a news conference.

"I hope (it will affect the pressure), because the Catholic was with points high and I think that this was not expected. I hope they will regret, we are all convinced that we will go to win these two matches and we will see what is happening there. Unfortunately, it does not depend on us, but we know that if we win and win in the matches, the pressure we put on them is great, so we hope it all comes out, "he added.

In addition, he referred to David Pizarro, who confirmed that at the end of the year he will withdraw from football: "I see David well, nobody in Chile wants to retire because of the good player, because from all that the young people are wearing, it is very nice to have him to learn from day to day. What I've been partnering with him is that I'm very happy to see him train, watch the game and get to share the dressing room with him. It is a decision that takes and is hurting everyone"

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