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Apple's revenue from iPhone sales globally drops 15% | Technology

Apple confirmed Tuesday's drop in its turnover in late 2018 due to the disappointing sale of its main phone, iPhone, and its lower profits in China.

Despite the results, the US technology company was able to convince investors and its share increased by almost 6% in electronic stock markets.

The group showed that there are more sources of growth than the iPhone. Other devices, such as iPad tablets and Mac computers, in particular services ("streaming", cloud storage, digital payments), have enabled it to maintain an almost stable net profit of nearly $ 20,000 million.

"Although it is disappointing that we have not reached our goal [inicial] Regarding turnover, we run Apple in the long run, and the results of that quarter show that our core strength is deep and broad, "said CEO Tim Cook.

Turnover in the last three months of 2018, the first quarter of fiscal year, declined by 5% to 84.3 billion dollars.

This reduction was the result of 15% drop in revenue earned with the iPhone ($ 52,000 million), which the company accuses of stagnating the economy in China. In that huge market, the group earned $ 13,160 million, which is 27% less.

However, revenues from services rose 19% to $ 10,900 million, slightly above analysts' forecasts. And, besides the iPhone, all devices have increased sales.

For Analyst Neil Saunders of Global Data, "the unusual decline in turnover is a symbol of a company that begins to fade."

In early January, the US company was surprised to announce that its revenue and sales of iPhone They were worse than expected in the last three months of 2018.

According to the company, the disappointing sale of its handset is due to the stagnation of the Chinese economy and other developing countries, and the trade war against China by the US president, Donald Trump.

The release of the results took place several days after the discovery of a security problem in FaceTime, its video call application. The error allowed the user to listen and see his interlocutor on iPhone before answering. Apple terminated the service and vowed to fix the error this week.


Apple had to convince investors that they had a strategy to reduce its dependence iPhone, whose sales are suffering from the saturation of the smartphone market.

So far, the US group has managed to compensate for the decline in sales by raising mobile phones more expensive, with prices exceeding $ 1,000 (667 thousand Chilean pesos) for some models.

A winning strategy, while the volume of business grows much faster than sale, but it can start to fester in a stagnating world economy.

The company also faces tough competition from other manufacturers that offer similar but cheaper products. In addition to the world leader in the sector, South Korea Samsung, Apple faces an ambitious Chinese company Huawei, which takes away the shares on the world market.

Marc Mueller | Peksley (CCO)
Marc Mueller | Peksley (CCO)

Given this new situation, Apple introduced the iPhone XR in September, cheaper than XS and XS Max. And according to CIRP's analysis, the XR is sold better than the other two models in the United States.

And as always with Apple, there are numerous speculations about their projects. Many analysts believe, for example, that the group could decide to directly fight video services on Netflix and Amazon, investing a lot of money in the production of original content.

The company still intervenes little in the sector, but last year announced that renowned presenter and entrepreneur Oprah Winfrey will produce programs for his audiovisual platform.

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