Tuesday , May 18 2021

Apple Music is preparing its tablet arrival with Android

If you have a tablet with the Android operating system, we have good news for you, because soon you will have a new streaming music service available.

It's about the service we know as Apple Music, which has just reached 56 million subscribers around the world and is the main rival to Spotify's popular music service.

Available in its beginnings only for Apple's products as expected, and then made the unexpected leap on the Android platform (smartphone-oriented), and later we saw it reach the Android platform. However, Apple wants to move on.

As reported by the portal Pixel place, Apple Music will already have a beta version fully adapted for those tablets running Android version. In fact it's very similar to the existing iPad version.

With this new version adapted for tablets, Apple hopes to reach a larger number of users with its streaming music service. In fact, it's likely that those boxes that call themselves "Android TV", but who actually have Android version of tablets, can now enjoy Apple Music.

There are currently no dates for Apple to release the official version of Apple Music for Android tablets. However, if you do not want to wait and want to try this beta currently, you can download the APK of APK Mirror click here.

With information from Pixel Spot

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