Friday , April 16 2021

Apple highlights the Liquid Retina screen of the iPhone XR with a new announcement

One of the aspects that distinguishes the iPhone XR from other Apple phones is its liquid-retentive display. It remains an LCD as in the previous models and is not an OLED screen like in the iPhone X and XS. However, it has its own technology so that frames can be reduced and they occupy spaces generated by a notch, so they call it Liquid Retina. The last advertisement is who takes it in the center, into something … strange.

By logging in for more than a minute, we see how Thousands of people dressed in different colors cross the city from one place to another. The video gives us to understand that people are colored pixels and the city is a kind of screen or space. And the truth is that in some way conveys the idea that they are a kind of fluid from how they move together and follow common directions.

The video ends with a simple "Make a Color Space", which becomes "Make Color Space". Then we see that everything is framed in the iPhone XR, which means it is the screen of this phone and it Retinal fluid technology.

A screen that has nothing to envy OLED

At its launch, the iPhone XR was quickly criticized for its "low resolution" LCD screen. However, in practice the phone showed it nothing should be envious of the OLED screen from the other iPhone except that there is no clear black. And it's that for years Apple has managed to calibrate better than any other color on LCDs, improve viewing angles or play with DPI to ensure that they are not a problem for the user.


Why then use OLED on the other iPhone? Because it's simple gives advantages over the LCD screen in the same way as the LCD screen provides some advantages over OLED. It's likely that eventually we'll end up with the next generation of iPhones using OLED screens if, at the moment, the iPhone XR retains the Liquid Retina screen, it's either either cost savings or lack of production capacity.

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