Saturday , May 8 2021

An ISP rejects HIV infection among children working at Rancagua Hospital

The Public Health Institute (ISP) ruled out the possibility of transmitting HIV to 15 minors who were operated at the Rancagua Hospital.

Last Wednesday, a 24-hour investigation revealed the case of a mother whose 11-year-old daughter was found to have reactive HIV after a tsylectomy carried out at a health facility.

On the occasion, the girl's mother accused the hospital of using non-sterile materials during the operation of her daughter.

Then, the ISP made a second copy, which finally ruled out the possibility that the child was infected, as confirmed by Rancaguia's director, Fernando Millar Martinez.

With this report from the internet provider, the hospital also ruled out the possibility of infection among the other 14 children who underwent tonsilectomy on the same day as the youngest of 11 years.

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