Sunday , August 1 2021

An echo terrorist group that said it had carried out an attack on Landerec was declared an explosion in V. Makena

The afternoon of this Friday, and through the website, the The eco-terrorist group "Individualists Tendencies a Lo Salvier" received an explosion shot at the Transantiago bus station in Vickunya Makena.

"Inverted pump causes chaos: it was ONE!"they wrote.

In a previous publication, as of January 1, the same group demonstrated against the city's public transport bus operators, advancing that they will continue to conspire to achieve their goals.

"These morons and sheep that occupy it fail to realize that there is no tomorrow, no progress, it is only an illusion that hides another slavery, humanity inevitably progresses towards a sure destruction, to which only nature will survive"They said.

In the same letter, they said they planned a detailed attack on December 31. "We are not even naïve, we know about cameras and other security measures on electric routes and we will not let ourselves fall from carelessness; in this age we are and we can be cautious as a puma, hidden to jump to give him a pass. This attack is not random, it is carefully planned, we always continue in the shadows and never fall into the hands of the bastards we mock today and in every blow we have given before. "

"Search where you are looking, you will not find us, and if you do, death will face you on the road (…) Although disappointment was the first word that came to our heads when we saw that our gift at the end of the year did not come out as we expected, our sick mind has passed from disappointment to euphoria, we just have to wait, we will not be paralyzed and the fire can give wayOnly time will show, we will continue to conspire … ", they advanced.

Also, "Let them all burn!" With the Spirit of Warrior KEVIN present in the fight against human progress! ".

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