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an e-book bordering on perfection

In November 2007, the first Amazon Kindle, a device that revolutionized the world of reading. By then, the only way to read with comfort was through a paper format. 11 years later there are a large number of readers who chose to switch to the Kindle, or for price or convenience.

Exactly, a month ago, Amazon introduced the new Kindle Paperwhite. We were lucky enough to try it out and we are telling you what we think of this book.

Simple design and nice touch

The design of the new Kindle Paperwhite is characterized by its simplicity; something logical given that it is support for reading. The device is only available in color black, which feels pretty good; though, that missed have a white version that exists in the standard Kindle mode. The option to use multiple colors in black and white can be wrong, because the impressive colors will hinder reading.

The front of the Kindle has some pretty large frames. Amazon should try to minimize it to get as close as possible to the emergence of a paper book. This is not particularly relevant aspect; but, we are talking about a product in which there is little to improve.

The back of Paperwhite offers nice and soft touch, achieving something more natural than in previous generations. In past models, the touch was more like an electronic device than a book, a feeling that changes with the new one.

Practical weight and comfort

This e-book weighs only 191 grams (in the presumed version) and has excellent weight distribution; that is, it is possible to use it with only one hand effortlessly some New Paperwhite has a very flat and lighter front of its predecessor, is exactly 10% thinner. The dimensions are: 167 x 116 x 8.2 mm.

Back, which we have already discussed, improves the level of comfort and ergonomics. In this sense, Kindle Paperwhite is infinitely more comfortable than a paper book. Many still prefer paper; but, whenever they have fewer arguments to oppose the change.

Covers that weight loss is eroding

If you have an electronic book, you will certainly use the case to protect it. It's ridiculous that Amazon cases weigh practically the same as the Kindle, which results in twice the weight

It seems that the Amazon is not aware of the being preventing any progress carried out in reducing the weight of the device. The company makes a serious mistake at this point and needs to do something to change it.

Improved screen brightness

The screen size continues to be maintained in 6 inches, more than enough figure; however, a small increase in size can satisfy some readers. The screen is of good quality, but what characterizes this model is its reading light.

The screen offers 300 dpi and there are 5 LED lights, your true strong point. The one who is used to reading knows very much how uncomfortable it is to become and turn on the light. The new Kindle Paperwhite is not necessary, as it is possible read it completely dark thanks to the different levels of lighting.

In this sense, the reader's habits are very important. I am one of those who prefer to see the screen without lighting or with very little, I want a feeling closer to the paper than on the screen. On the other hand, there are others who will see the brightness as a function that enriches reading.

Another positive aspect of the screen is that does not emit reflections, which manages to display texts with great clarity, no matter where we are. If you are sitting on the bench in full sunlight, do not worry, the reflections will not appear on your Paperwhite screen.

Resistant to water and more storage

The new Paperwhite is waterproof; This feature will appreciate the lovers of the beach and the pools, even those who longed to read it in the bathtub. The degree of protection is IPX8; ie it supports submersion in fresh water at a depth of 2 meters for a maximum of 60 minutes. It also supports light dives in other cases.

We could confirm that the device is resisting those dives. Of course, you must be careful and properly dry it after we take it out of the water, especially in the USB port.

The minimum internal storage of this model becomes from 8 GB; while its predecessors had 4 GB. The most powerful version of Paperwhite is integrated 32 GB of the ROM that guarantees a huge library of books. It's hard to believe that a person can occupy all those GB in the books.

New dark mode and updated interface

The level of personalization offered by this device is huge. We can create fully adapted formats our flavors: size, margins, letters and more options for reading. The most interesting functionality is new dark mode.

This one inverted colors; which means the letters turn white and behind black. Thanks to this mode we force our eyes less in unfavorable light conditions.

The electronic book also includes recovery in its interface. Now, that's a lot easier to search between our library thanks to the browser. The lower part of the interface is also modified because it facilitates it personalized recommendations authors and books based on our tastes.

The recommendations have been found for me as something quite useful in the eBook. Many times I have seen that I am desperate when I finish an extraordinary book and I do not know similar novels that could cover that void. Amazon eases this task and offers very accurate recommendations.

Infinite battery and 4G LTE connection

The battery is one of the advantages of Kindle Paperwhite, logically keeping in mind that it intends to replace the paper. If it was to be loaded every day or several times a week, nobody would have used it.

Obviously, this depends on the use of the device, Wi-Fi connection, 3G or brightness minus the battery if used. We tested the device for three weeks more than an hour a day and everything seems to show that it has autonomy of one month and a half; according to Amazon, the battery can last up to six weeks, so what the brand says is fulfilled.

What is certain is that you do not have to worry about charging the battery every two times. In addition, the load is quite fast, in three hours is fully charged.

Kindle Paperwhite includes Wi-Fi connectivity; but there is also an opportunity to acquire it 4G LTE. In this sense, 4G LTE will not no costs for the user, because it is Amazon who is responsible for the costs.

A Kindle Paperwhite that touches perfection

The Kindle Paperwhite 2018 is a product that it touches perfection. It is a reading support that meets its goal with absolute delicacy. The only bad thing that can be put is within frames; but it's not something that's important in this type of device.

The new Paperwhite is eBook nice, lightweight, comfortable, with a high level of customization and a battery and ROM that are more than satisfying. A little more can be asked from Amazon with such a perfectly designed product.

Kindle Paperwhite 2018 is available in three models:

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