Tuesday , May 11 2021

Amparo Noguera on his dismissal: "I thought I would get some kind of offer" Society

Actress Amparo Noguera He referred to his dismissal from TVN after 20 years in the dramatic area of ​​the television signal, the news that was confirmed on Thursday.

In conversations with The third one, made a cruel critique of his now, exotic: "I could not tell you that I would never have imagined it. But I was a little surprised because I thought there would be a proposal for negotiations different from what it was until now. I thought I would get an offer. "

In that direction, he added that this decision it has greatly influenced her, because she has always advocated TVN projects, despite having TV offers from Mega.

"The pain that generates this is so great, and I feel very sorry, I always chose to stay on TVN, I have the opportunity to choose other channels, I always believed in their project and I am very sorry that the TVN crisis has reached this place, and that the dramatic area is in this situation with very high fragility, "said Amparo Noguera.

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