Tuesday , May 18 2021

Amparo Noguera and his reflection after TVN's release: "I hope things are made up" | TV and shows

It was Thursday, when it became known that the symbolic actress of TVN, Amparo Noguera, would not continue on the television station, after 24 years in that dramatic area.

Through a statement, the channel confirmed that the actress is known for her roles Romané, Return early and Sit down, I would not renew the contract with them. "We regret that the current circumstances prevent us from maintaining a permanent agreement with her," the television said.

Given this scenario, the 53-year-old actress has revealed to the newspaper "El Mercurio" that this process is very complicated. "It's strong because you have been working there for so many years with people who loved you so much and chose to stay in the canal", Noguera said.

In this context, she stressed that she has not been dismissed, because it means that "they cut you off a valid contract, and that's not my case. I am going to TVN by December 31st," he explained, stating that the channel has no way to maintain projects for her.

"If at this point they are in pause and renewal, that's because they are in a crisis", Amparo explained about the closure of the dramatic area of ​​the state channel. However, it is speculated that actors may be called again, but working for specific projects.

Finally, Noguera confessed to expect "Things are compiled and we meet again all of us who left in the same area, building, colleagues and making TVs".

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